Monthly Casino Audit Reports

JustBet Casino is one of the most reputable and trusted casinos online. We strive for service, fairness and security in all of our casino games and transactions. Our commitment to fair gaming guarantees that our gaming software provides true randomness and fairness to our clients.

Each month, Certified Fair Gambling, an independent auditing firm, performs a comprehensive series of statistical analyses of our previous month’s game play logs for each casino game. The purpose of these inspections is verify software integrity and certify:

1.That the “Return to Player” (RTP) percentage for each game is within published specifications.

2.That each game demonstrates a statistical distribution of results that is consistent with published specifications.

The results of each month’s inspections are posted online for anyone to review. As well, Game and transaction histories are always readily available online for our players’ convenience. Game histories include the start of the game, bet and win amounts, detailed game results and more. Transaction histories list all deposits and withdrawals.