BetPoints™ Rewards

The more you play at JustBet, the more BetPoints™ you earn. Depending on your type of play, more points may be credited to your account. See the chart below.

Product Description BetPoints™
Straight Bets 1
Parlays ( 2 - 15 teams) 2
Teasers 1.5
If bets 1.5
Reverse Bets 1.5
Note: Moneyline wagers on NFL, NBA, NCAA football and basketball and Live Wagering will NOT be awarded BetPoints™. Wagers on soccer, 3-way hockey lines, tennis, golf, NASCAR, boxing, MMA, handball, volleyball, cricket, international basketball, international baseball, props, and futures, will be awarded ½ BetPoint per unit currency wager.
Blackjack 1
Roulette 3
Craps 0.5
Baccarat 0.5
Poker 1.5
Video Poker 2.5
Slots 3
Cash Games 10
Tournament Games 10
Daily cash rebate 8% exotic bets, 3% on W, P, S bets. (Internet). n/a*
Daily cash rebate 5% exotic bets, 3% on W, P, S bets.(Call Center) n/a*